"Mr Wickham, that is positively disgraceful." Georgiana ignored her breaking heart and clung to her Darcy pride. "At this time, I find I must leave you. You are not the man I believed you to be, and I cannot remain here any longer."

Wickham leaned back in his chair and chuckled, "And what will you do? Your reputation is quite ruined already, all it would take to send you into the blackest hole of society is a misplaced word..." letting the veiled threat linger, he took a deep swig of his ale.

Georgiana felt her lip curl in a most unladylike manner, and when she spoke she didn't recognize her own voice, "You sir, are despicable. My brother possesses more clout and influence than you EVER will, and if you think he would allow you to gain such influence by such means, you are quite mistaken. No," she smiled a smile that made Wickham rethink he previous words, "you will find my reputation is not the one that's been ruined." Finishing this speech, and feeling a little breathless in victory, Georgiana stood and with great presence and bearing left the inn and instructed the driver to take her home.

The next morning, as Georgiana's carriage pulled up in front of the house, Fitzwilliam came running out. Georgiana fell in his arms, sobbing from exhaustion and relief, as he showered her with questions. Slowly, everything came outówith a twist. Georgiana was careful to present things in a light that painted her as the definite victim, and Wickham the soulless bounty hunter. Through her tears, she took comfort in seeing Fitzwilliam's jaw clench as the story concluded. Knowing it must take a heroic effort not to let his anger show in front of her, Georgiana was relieved to find her brother showed only concern and kindness for her.

"We will leave this place immediately," Fitzwilliam said, as he began to pace the floor. "You go upstairs and tell your maid to pack your things. I will take care of everything."

She went upstairs, her heart lighter than it had been in days. Her brother would take care of everything, and her reputation would be preserved. THE END

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Written by Rebecca M. Fleming & C. Allyn Pierson

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