'Well, sir, I hope you are prepared for a change in your plans.' As she spoke, Georgiana felt the steel slipping into her voice. It mirrored the steel in her spine, and she knew the fabled Darcy pride was coming to her rescue. She had traveled too far to turn back now, and something about Wickham's bravado hinted that maybe, just maybe, he was more desperate than he would have her - or anyone - believe.

For his own part, Wickham's face flashed a series of thoughts as he processed her new-found steel.

'Georgiana,' he began, in his most charming tone, 'what do you mean? If you are fixing to leave, that would be a change - and yet, your tone does not indicate a shrinking violet.'

'No, Mr Wickham,' Georgiana half-purred, dropping her eyes slightly. 'I am not going to leave. I am going to go through with your plan - but on my terms.'

Wickham laughed. 'Come now, Georgie, you can't possibly think I'm going to follow your plan in this? You're still a child, what do you know of anything?' As he spoke, Wickham took a long sip of his ale and looked at the girl across from him. With a start, he realized he'd misjudged the lady's response to his words. Georgiana's eyes snapped back to meet his, with a fire that Wickham never saw coming.

'You, sir, are in no place to argue with me.' The steel was replaced with an ice that burned. 'All it would take is a word from my brother, and all of good society - and possibly even a large portion of bad society - will cast you out. There would be no chance, no hope, of climbing out of the dismal hole you would find yourself in. Do you forget the clout the Darcy name holds? And we are by no means without friends either.' Georgiana allowed a smile to slip past the resolve, but it was not the shy, flirting smile Wickham was used to seeing.

'Egads, woman - who are you?' he asked in wonder, a small glint of true admiration flickering deep in his eyes.

'I am Georgiana Darcy,' she replied, head high and smile gone. 'And it is time for MY voice to be heard. You've presented a very unexpected way for that to happen. Therefore, sir, we will do this my way.'

Wickham gave a low whistle, and shook his head softly. 'Amazing,' he whispered. 'I didn't think you had it in you. That dam-ed Darcy pride is there, all right, but what a way to manifest itself! Okay, Georgie, what do you have in mind?'

'We will stay the night here - in separate quarters - and continue our journey tomorrow. We should proceed with the plan to elope, because a marriage is the only alliance that society will forgive. Even with me on your side, you won't shake this without a little dust.'

Wickham stood and bowed with a flourish as he offered Georgiana a hand. 'Your wish is my command, milady.'

Georgiana accepted his hand and favored him with a smile. 'I'm happy to see you do have some sense, Wickham. I bid you goodnight, and we will discuss this further in the morning.'

Once safely locked in her room, Georgiana paced the floor beside the bed, thinking. Her first impulse had been to secretly maneuver Wickham into the hands of proper authorities - if not her family, oh why was Colonel Fitzwilliam away? - and have him publicly disgraced. She knew it was a risk to her own reputation, but it was a risk she was willing to take. Until...Georgiana sighed. Disgusting fortune-hunter that he was, Wickham had wormed his way into her heart. Even knowing he wanted her dowry alone, she could not deny her attraction to the man. And when had whistled at her and agreed to follow her lead, Georgiana had seen a true admiration there - he saw her for herself, and not her dowry, at last. Few people ever saw past the Darcy pride and money. Could this possibly be turned around and become a happy ending? Yawning broadly, Georgiana decided to sleep and let tomorrow offer what it may.

The next morning, as she was preparing to go down and meet Wickham for the next leg of their journey, Georgiana paused by the window in her room. Still struggling between turning him in or following through with the elopement, she rested her hand against the cool glass. Movement in the street caught her eye, and she gasped, 'Colonel Fitzwilliam!' Had her wishing brought him here? Was there still another way out of this mess? In the bright light of morning, and seeing her beloved cousin below, Georgiana began to question everything. Suddenly, she knew what she needed to do, and rushed to the door...

Should Georgiana:
A.) Enlist the help of Colonel Fitzwilliam?
B.) Warn Wickham that Colonel Fitzwilliam is in town?