Hoping she wasn't too late, Georgiana burst out the door and tumbled into the arms of the very person she sought.

'Georgiana!', Colonel Fitzwilliam exclaimed. 'What the devil are you doing here?'

'I could ask you the same, cousin,' she laughed. 'Aren't you supposed to be on some important Army mission?'

'Ah, yes, um, about that --' Col. Fitzwilliam stuttered, still trying to process his cousin's sudden appearance.

'It's okay, Richard. I'm actually very glad you're here. I need your help,' Georgiana's laughing tone changed, and Col. Fitzwilliam's confusion changed to concern.

'Georgie, what's wrong? Why are you here?'

'Come walk with me, and I'll tell you everything,' she promised. As they walked down a quiet greenspace, Georgiana filled her cousin in on everything that had transpired. At the end of her tale, she looked up at her cousin, watching as he wrestled with what he should do.

Finally he sighed, and asked 'Georgie, my dear girl, what would you have me do? I know what Fitzwilliam would wish, I know what my own instinct is. But it strikes me that this is a decision you need to make for yourself - your life is the one that will be altered. Tell me how I can help you, and by God, I'll do what I can to make sure you are happy in your choice.'

As he spoke, Georgiana felt a queer little flicker in her chest. Nobody had ever spoken to her quite that way before. Not even Fitzwilliam, and he was the dearest and best of all brothers - he just tended to get a little distracted, and unsure how to show his emotions without betraying the family image. Having Col. Fitzwilliam willing to set aside his own thoughts, and ignore her brother's entirely, made Georgiana feel special. As if she did, indeed, have a voice worth sharing.

Turning slightly away from Col. Fitzwilliam, Georgiana looked into the distance and thought about things. Looking deep into her heart, she weighed her options carefully. Evaluating the consequences and risks involved with each. She'd done this a thousand times overnight, but this time Georgiana took extra care in looking at every angle. Col. Fitzwilliam's words had reminded her that she was not the only one her decision would affect. Her brother and Col. Fitzwilliam would be impacted, all their extended family and other social connections. This was not a choice to make lightly, whatever she had believed in the beginning.

After some time, Georgiana felt a gentle hand on her shoulder, and turned to meet Col. Fitzwilliam's concerned eyes once more.

'Richard,' she began, 'I have decided to:

A.) Recruit Colonel Fitzwilliam in convincing Darcy to accept your engagement
B.) Proceed with getting rid of Wickham with Colonel Fitzwilliam's help