Nearly running into the maid, who was bringing in a breakfast tray, Georgiana made a swift change of plans.

'Sarah, please go to Mr Wickham's room and let him know that 'Col. F' is here, and I will be keeping to my room for a while this morning.'

The maid bobbed a quick curtsy and scurried away on her errand. Once she left, Georgiana went back to the window, to try and keep an eye on Col. Fitzwilliam's whereabouts. She hated hiding from Richard, and part of her still wished to speak with him about everything, but she knew if he saw her, his duty would prompt him to return her post-haste to Darcy. As she watched, Col. Fitzwilliam entered the very tavern his cousin was hiding in. 'Oh!' Georgiana squeaked.

Just then, the maid's knock on the door made Georgiana jump. She stepped away from the window as Sarah walked back in, a note in hand. Quickly reading the scrawling hand, Georgiana was surprised by the words on the page:

Georgie -

Don't worry about Col. F. He is here on business, meeting with some associates of mine. Since you are embracing a life of extortion and bending the rules of society, I will let you know that when the business transaction is complete, we will have enough funds to reach our elopement in style. And, perhaps, in a stroke of great luck, the Colonel will fade nicely into the shadows, never to say a word. Just think: he believes he is here to buy a horse, and there's so much more afoot! Stay where you are, Georgie, and I'll come for you when all is taken care of.


Georgiana's eyes widened, as she read and reread the short note. She desperately wanted to believe it was a simple matter of blackmail or some other means of finagling Richard's money away from him, but her woman's intuition had decided to kick in and was screaming to be heard. Something was very odd about this.

Once more, Georgiana found herself at a strange crossroads, having to decide between family or the man she was planning to marry. There was no telling what would happen if she slipped downstairs -- if Wickham was only orchestrating a business deal, and Col. Fitzwilliam saw her, all would be lost. But if there WAS something else going on, then she owed it to Richard to let him know, to somehow give him notice. 'Curses,' she muttered, 'I begin to wish I'd never met Wickham, he's putting me in so many awkward spots. My poor heart can't take much more of this! Go down or stay, go down or stay...' she pondered.

Does she:
A.) Stay in her room
B.) Go down