Mr. Collins found that luck was with him, when two days later an acquaintance of the Bennet family, a Mr. Bingley, extended him an invitation for the ball at Netherfield. Knowing that this would afford him the perfect opportunity to get to know his cousins better, as well as see what other hidden treasures of women Meryton offered him.

Having already been told that his cousin Jane was shortly to be engaged, he chose to move his attentions to the next eldest Bennet daughter, Elizabeth. Seeing her at breakfast the next morning, he decided to make his move.

I shall hope to be honoured with the hands of all my fair cousins in the course of the evening; and I take this opportunity of soliciting yours, Miss Elizabeth, for the two first dances especially, a preference which I trust my cousin Jane will attribute to the right cause, and not to any disrespect for her."

He watched Elizabeth blush from his question and decided that Lady Catherine would find her modesty most becoming. He thought to himself how she would condescend to tell him that he succeeded in the duty of finding a mistress for the parsonage at Rosings Park.

Upon entering the ball at Netherfield he was immediately taken back by how this home, considered to be "the" home of Meryton was nothing in comparison to the Rosings Park. As he stood around taking in his surroundings, he started memorizing things to tell Elizabeth during their two dances. He knew that he should discuss things that portrayed his situation in an appealing light that would show her how lucky she was that his attentions were for her.

He heard the tuning of the instruments and went off to find his cousin for their dance. Upon finding her he bowed his most gentlemanly bow and collected her to the dance floor.

"Cousin Elizabeth this ball room is very large indeed, although not as large as the ballroom in Rosings Park. My noble patronesses Lady Catherine would be able to host five and seventy couples in her ballroom if the health of her daughter Miss Anne allowed for large gatherings."

He watched Elizabeth's eyebrow shoot up questioningly. Mr. Collins took this as a sign that she wished to know more about Miss Anne. For the remainder of their dances he took it upon himself to shower her with the knowledge of everything Miss Anne would be proficient at, had her health allowed her to practice.

After a few awkward exchanges throughout the remainder of their dances, Mr. Collins brought her back to stand with her friend Charlotte Lucas. He bowed deeply and stated that he would go procure her a drink. Elizabeth politely declined, and excused herself for the rest of the evening. Mr. Collins however kept an eye on her, trying to decipher what Lady Catherine would think of her. He noticed a tall, rather dower looking man beg Elizabeth's hand for the next dance and realized that this man was Mr. Darcy! Lady Catherine's most esteemed nephew.

Upon seeing his cousin on Mr. Darcy's arm, he decided that she would make an excellent partner for him. After careful consideration, in which Fordyce's sermons played an integral part, he decided to request a private audience with Elizabeth the next morning, in which he would make his affections and wishes known to her.

With the knowledge of his engagement giving him courage, he went in search of Mrs. Bennet to tell her of his wish to speak with Elizabeth privately the next morning.

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